We All Scream....

For Ice Cream!!

The temperatures are starting to rise, and what better way to keep cool than some fun and sweet treats to decorate a kitchy space?

Check out this Ice Cream Cone Lamp at Fred Flare for $48

This ice cream cozy by Vintage Songbird would be a fun way to bring a pint to a friend, all made from vintage fabrics. And its just $9

Another great gift would be a set of bowls just the right size for the perfect sundae. I loved these by KHPhillips, $39.00 for a set of 4 bowls


Wakey-Wakey Eggs &....

I have been on hiatus from this blog for far too long. Originally I paused due to all of the other activities for Harrilu-- Fall shows, orders, etc. But, there are far too many things I love not to share a few of them, so here goes. I promise to try to do this more often from now on!

Why are Eggs & Bacon so great? Maybe its because they are a beloved breakfast food, or they remind of me of a favorite greasy spoon-- or, perhaps its just because having them as part of your decor can be a fun spark of humor and the unexpected.

Decorate yourself while in the kitchen-- this is just one of the many great aprons by Snappy Shop-- "Breakfast of Champions" $41.00
And this decal made me laugh, great for showing off a great sense-of-humor "Chicken Decal" by Elephannie $12

How fun would Breakfast Pillows be in a kitchy kitchen nook? Find different breakfast food pillows at Sofa Garden Pancake Pillows, $69.99

Eggs can also be elegant.
This gorgeous print by Groundwork "Inspired Nesting" is just $20 and would be an elegant addition to any room.


Bags of Snazz

What could be snazzier than a great bag? Check out Enju on Etsy (http://2enju.etsy.com/) for super cute bags (and some apparel too!)

I love the fabric she uses in her designs along with the ring details.

The best part is that these are a GREAT size-- I tend to be a "be prepared"-type gal, and these will fit a wallet, checkbook and more! I love not looking overstuffed in a purse.

A few of my favorites are the hobos and the utility bag. Great fabrics, nice silhouettes-- practical and cute, what could be better?

Check out more at http://2enju.etsy.com/


I'm Back!

Sorry for being so long between posts-- after a family tragedy, a health scare, and attending The Girlie Show, I somehow found it hard to shop! So unbelievable, I know!!

Here's a good one though--- the most fun hand made plush items come from one of my favorite indie artists: http://sweetestpea.etsy.com/. Each is hand made and truly wonderful! In addition to some of the fabulous stuffed plush, SweetestPea features ipod koozies that are pumped with personality!
From the fat rice balls to the ornaments, I am truly in love with all of the items in her shop!


Out the Window

Ever since I was a kid, I loved stained glass. I have truly enjoyed tripping through the stained glass on etsy. These artists continue to play with the idea to make amazing things!

SarahSky has an gorgeous selection of pendants & earrings in addition to lovely pieces for the home. One of my favorites is this green pendant for $24.00.
This whimsical coffee panel by diorgrace would be perfect for a kitchen or reading area.
Taking the glass to the garden, feralglass has several sculptures featuring airy, free floating pieces that would be a perfect focal point for any plant or weed. This piece, Sweetwater Springs is $58

I frequently peruse LingGlass for unusual and sparkling jewelry. Tangle for $19.00. I love the use of the metal and glass together.


Squishy Goodness

One of my favorite artists and crafters to oogle is Pillowhead. Her clean, modern design is simple ane lovely. What makes it more amazing for me is that everything is done by hand! While I'm barely able to make a straight line with a machine, she is able to create wonderful accessories that are practical and beautiful and amazing!

I'd love to seize the squishy in her shop-- from the carpe diem pillow, a card or aceo or her fun magnets and cup sleeves-- each adds a punch of personality and the simplicity and clean design speaks for itself.

Check out her emoticon magnets for a bit of punch in your workspace or fridge-- and definitely don't miss out on her wonderful sachets. I keep a set of the coffee in my car- they make everything smell great! Or, contact her and she will make a custom pillow or other goodie for you. Her pillows make wonderful gifts or just great additions to a living room or a bed.

Check out Pillowhead at http://pillowhead.etsy.com/


Its Elemental

On days where I feel like the creative bug is conveniently missing, I look to other artists and designers for inspiration. I recently came across EarthElements on Etsy and find her work amazing.

Her work features a truly organic-- almost fairytale forest feel to me. She combines sumptuous blues, greens and browns so that each piece feels like a bit of nature. She also uses driftwood in combination with her pottery giving a unique texture as well as look and feel.

Here are a couple of pieces that I really love -- the first one is "Amoeba 3 Earth Sprout weed vase pot"; the second is "Miniature green barkskin driftwood stick pod ". Find more about EarthElements at earthelements.etsy.com.